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in all honesty this was a tough one lol




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I want to do a rewatch of the ‘94 RoTK, mostly for the lulz but also to see how much of it can be read through unintentionally-slashy goggles, and whether there’s any inspiration to be found. The last time I saw it was around 10 years ago, so it’s a reasonable time to update.

who wants to see posts

too bad you’re going to get them anyway


Aaaaaah, how DOES one be a conversation partner? And it’s dad’s friend’s daughter and we kind of have business dealings of sorts so I can’t just weasel my way out of it but I wouldn’t know what to say like have I mentioned I suck at small talk yet? Those Skype voice chats are going to be awkward halp. Plus I don’t know if they expect me to help her practice every night or something (girl has an English exam coming up). I think that’d be a no actually. The most I’d do is every other day or something but we’d REALLY run out of things to say fast. =T

Unless she’s a fangirl. In which case I shall attempt to recruit her.

It also doesn’t help that my English is getting worse by the day thanks to all the fish and water. *dies*

aww D:  I second the “what the fuck do we talk about out loud” thing, especially in a somewhat awkward set of interactions like this one. But this might actually be easier than just doing small talk with someone whose motivations you don’t know, because at least there’s a stated goal to practice English here.

Would it help to ask her first what kind of help she’s looking for and what sort of conversations she wants to practice? Speaking professionally is a lot different from being colloquial and chatting about the weather or events with friends, and if you have some idea of what’s expected of you it could be easier to put yourself in that role. (also, definitely push for a schedule that stresses you out less)


Leafeon teaches Typhlosion to garden. Sunny Day helps the flowers grow ;u;


Leafeon teaches Typhlosion to garden. Sunny Day helps the flowers grow ;u;


i’m so excited for hoenn round 2!!
commissions are open


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replace “drawing” with “played wayward for eight hours” but besides that



Tokyo Godfathers.

This my friends, is a masterpiece of a movie. Three homeless people, A runaway teen, a alcoholic father, and an ageing trans woman, are wandering the streets on Christmas eve, when they find a baby abandoned in a dump.  They decide to care for it, while they wander around trying to find her mother, meeting several oddballs on their way.

Directed my the great Satoshi Kon, this movie is a must watch for anybody! It’s hilarious, touching, and will have you at the edge of your seat by the end of the crazy journey! 

…Aaaaannd, now it’s on Netflix! If you don’t have it, you can also watch it here:

Go watch it!

Ah man one of my fave movies



back to school commercials


back to school commercials after graduation





Things Harry Potter Actors say

This is why I love these people

We’re like sisters

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