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Yeah, Xiang Yu is… bad. He’s a bland stereotypical manly tragic hero with more chemistry with his horse than his love interest. Tbh, he’s one of the few historical figures I legit Am Not Cool With, but still, the show could have done really interesting things subverting romantic tradition by examining his hypocrisy and flaws and made him a worthy foil for Liu Bang. But it doesn’t. His faction just gets handled progressively worse and worse by the show.

But yess, the Three Heroes here are all awesome, likeable characters. My favorite is Han Xin and I translated an entire novel where he fights an ancient evil conspiracy with magitech missiles after this show turned me into a fan of his, but I like all of them, even if the other two helped contribute to Han Xin’s death, ahaha.

aw yes i know there are like at least two main camps of Opinions on Han Xin i think this show is going to be on my camp then i can breathe a little easier???? ahhhhhhh

whispers that sounds like an amazing novel

BUT XIANG YU IS SO NOBLE AND MANRY. (he gets even worse)

Also of the three of us that watched this show when it came out, one fangirled Han Xin, one liked Xiao He, and one started crushing on Zhang Liang. Now it’s up to you to tip the balance of power. :<


guys promise me nothing bad will happen to the doggy that follows liu ji around 

… I can’t do that, dave




I’m not sorry

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basically greatest scene


this doggy keeps following him around it’s so cute but why??? isn’t… fan kuai a butcher specialising in dog meat…


this doggy keeps following him around it’s so cute but why??? isn’t… fan kuai a butcher specialising in dog meat…


Ok but I’d watch an entire 90 episodes drama where Yu Hewei plays Ying Zheng tho

I was going to say “but what about when he doesn’t look all middle-aged”, but apparently the campaigns of unification started when he was in his 30s, so…… it *could* work if they made Yu Hewei up as a young man I guess!

(but we would miss out on the ridiculous drama with Lu Buwei and Lao Ai and all that weird shit though)


What if? #34

what if everyone at marvel was on drugs?

Fish & Water Gossip Part III


Disclaimer: Again not the OP, not my scoop. I’m just the humble translator.

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… Yu Hewei is such an adorable self-proclaimed 大叔 it’s hilarious. He’s literally only 5 years older than Lu Yi but totally acts like an uncle (YOU’RE THE SAME GENERATION AS HIM DUDE), and I guess it really doesn’t help that Lu Yi’s a total baby-face and Yu Hewei’s got the most traditional middle-aged man face ever. But the fact that they’re totally partners in crime is really cool!

I’m also incredibly glad - as mentioned before - that Yu Hewei decided to reinterpret Liu Bei’s character his way, and made me completely shift my allegiance from “vaguely interested in Zhou Yu” to “holy shit Liu Bei is actually being badass how is this possible”. The way the script was originally written really didn’t add that much to Liu Bei’s character besides “okay he’s not different from Cao Cao he’s just way more of a hypocrite about having ambition”. You can argue that if you’re looking at history cynically, but without any other changes, it would’ve turned an entire faction into people who are either mindlessly loyal (Guan/Zhang/Zhao) or deluded/power-hungry (ZGL, Pang Tong), and that would have made the story just way less interesting. Yu Hewei going the sincerely-conflicted-morals-vs-results route with Liu Bei, showing more of his quiet strength and internal struggle and less of the overt scheming, was definitely more sympathetic and fun to watch and ship.

… and yes I would also like to see what you meant by ‘more’, Yu Hewei >_>; Outings to 九疑山? More demonstrations of 如鱼得水?